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Name: Bob Klass
Date: 21 Sep 14 05:55pm
I only met Rudy Hurwich a few times, and I thought he was a very nice & loving man. I was close to Robbie & Lyn for many years & I have many happy memories of my experiences with the Hurwich family. I would expect that Rudy is in a very good place & the love he put into the world lives on.
Name: Dennis Stevens
Date: 18 Sep 14 03:47pm
The sadness of Rudy's passing is balanced by the numerous contributions he made to make the world a better place. Those of us who knew him are fortunate to have done so. He will be missed.
Name: Nada Boatright
Date: 17 Sep 14 08:06pm
There aren't enough words to express, what a Great Person this man was. I worked at Dymo in Berkeley years ago. He was admired and respected so much, by everyone.
Name: Tom Wolfman
Date: 14 Sep 14 12:18am
I was most fortunate to meet Rudy many years ago as I was the owner of the building that Poly Plus moved into to start their business. I have learned a wealth of knowledge about business and life. Rudy was a mentor to many. He was an inspiration to me.
Name: Peter Sussman
Date: 10 Sep 14 04:07am
Janet and Nommi, I can add nothing here to what I've already told you in person, so all I can do is say it here in another way: I would not be the person I am today if Rudy hadn't been the person he was. And there are countless others who would say the same. Thank you, Rudy!