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Name: Ron Adler
Date: 10 Nov 14 03:32am
What an admirable life! A great role model.
Name: Tamar Kirschner
Date: 18 Oct 14 04:39am
What a man. Thanks for sharing about his trailblazing life and big heart. My condolences to his family.
Name: Jeffrey Freiberg
Date: 16 Oct 14 05:51am
I first met Rudy when he was just finishing the build of his office, and was trying to get Mix Magazine, for whom I was consulting, to move into his new building. We were on opposite sides for the first and only time. In the meeting when I first met Rudy, he took his shoes off and put his stocking feet up on the desk and in his calm and thoughtful manner outlined a very fair deal for all parties, and I couldn't take my eyes off his expressive face and lively, sparkling blue eyes. There was so much life and experience in Rudy and it showed through. Rudy left the wood pile not just higher than he found it, but much higher than most.

There are not a lot of people like Rudy, but those of us who admired, respected and loved Rudy can make more of them by incorporating into our lives the things Rudy tried to teach us to make things better for others, and thereby keep his spirit alive and well.
Name: Natalie Porter
Date: 07 Oct 14 04:24pm
Rudy's life is an inspiration. He lived a compassionate life, a creative life, a life of love, of giving, and of fun. My thoughts and prayers are with his loving family in this time of loss.
Name: Mary Malik
Date: 25 Sep 14 06:27pm
I never had the honor to meet Rudy, but I had heard so many wonderful things about him. My condolences to you, Janet, and to your family, for your very great loss. You have been in my thoughts.